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Product Development

When it comes to injection molding, you don’t have to do it alone. Maybe you have a new design you have never worked with before;  give our team a chance to work with you early on to ensure that your requirements are adequately addressed. We can work on this together. Pikes Peak Plastics Company recognizes that many companies have limited resources for developing new products. Additionally, some have limited plastic injection molding and tooling experience. This is where we can fill the gap. We are strong believers that early collaboration is critical to successful new product introductions. Our goal is to reduce customer product cost and time-to-market.

Product Development Capabilities:

  • Concept development
  • Product design assistance and development
  • Design verification and validation
  • Rigorous IP protection standards (because it is manufactured in the United States)

Design & EngineeringDesign & Engineering

Your projects are designed to meet or exceed your requirements, and our customers appreciate the world-class quality we demand from our team everyday. Let us help ensure your product will be manufactured with the optimal design. Our experienced team in mold engineering and design uses the latest engineering tools and software to help you construct a quality plastic part. We can review your mold design, CAD files, or part drawings and provide feedback on possible quality issues or areas in need of improvement.

Mold class to product life analysis… There are many choices to be considered in selecting the grade of mold you need for your project. We can recommend the right mold material selection that will meet your long-term requirements.

Resin selection…

Choosing the right resin for a molding application is key to successful product performance. No two applications are alike, however this is a pivotal decision for you if you are a device manufacturer and need help in selecting the right resin for your application. There are several matters that you must consider before finalizing the resin. Material selection is driven by a combination of factors including part design, molding techniques, project requirements, cost targets, and secondary operations. These considerations are overlaid by a number of other factors, that are mostly economic in nature. We can help you make not only the right decision, but the best decision for your situation. RoHS… We are trained and certified in RoHS compliance.  

Quality ControlQuality copy2

Quality has always been a cornerstone and the foundation of Pikes Peak Plastics and today that tradition continues. Our quality management system has earned certification to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. This internationally recognized quality system standard emphasizes the identification, interaction and management of key organizational processes. Through our commitment to continuous improvement, our customers can be assured of the highest quality products. For Pikes Peak Plastics, delivering a quality product consistently, efficiently and on-time is not an option…it is required. We have all of the processes in place, encapsulated in our quality management system.

Insert & Over Molding

Insert and Over Molding are 2 more areas where Pikes Peak Plastics excels. Both insert molding and over molding allow us to mold plastics into or around existing or pre-molded items. This can include combining insert molding or over molding using parts made of the same material—or different materials that include aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, copper, and more.
Key advantages of insert over-molding process:

  • Reduced Assembly Time and Cost
  • Reduced Part Size and Weight
  • Increased Completed-Part Accuracy and Performance Reliability
  • Expanded Part Design Flexibility

Prototype Support

Prototype…Ok so you want to know what it will look like finished?  If you have a new product or an idea, let us develop some concepts for your first prototype using 3-D printing. We will design and build it so it does come out looking the way you envisioned. Send us your 2-D print or sample part and we will convert it into a 3-D model. Once the conversion process is completed we can build a 3-D print model, which will allow you to test your plastic component for fit and function before you make an investment in a custom mold. If you require changes to be made to the sample part, or mold design, that is ok, we can help customize the part to your specific needs.

Laser Marking & Decorating

You need the markings…we have the know-how using the latest in laser technology. Sequential numbering, part identifiers, names and just about any other marking you need for your end product, our laser systems can manage any shape or material.